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My name is Noyek! I am an acclaimed fiction author and creator of The Sassy Writer brand. The Sassy Writer, which I started in 2019, is an expressive platform for bold writers of all genres and a literary hub for readers who enjoy their works.

It was inspired by the desire to emphasize that great storytellers come from all walks of life and deserve to be heard and appreciated.

Stick around, read about great authors, trending literary news, and learn a thing or two that can contribute to making you a better writer!

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Journalist Shomari Wills is a name of which there is a need to know more. I learned just recently that he was a journalist with an extensive resume. Now, I feel as if I can’t get enough of learning more. 

My vigor leads back to discovering his highly acclaimed novel, Black Fortunes: The Story of the First Six African Americans Who Escaped Slavery and Became Millionaires. This book proved to be a read for me that was not only enlightening but empowering. 

Wills profiles the lives of 6 black individuals who were only a stone’s throw from the throes of slavery, but they refused to allow that to be their defining points. Some listed even attempted to cover their true selves in the quest to be and have more. The stories are rooted in empowerment and enlightenment.


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