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My name is Noyek! I am an acclaimed fiction author and creator of The Sassy Writer brand. The Sassy Writer, which I started in 2019, is an expressive platform for bold writers of all genres and a literary hub for readers who enjoy their works.

It was inspired by the desire to emphasize that great storytellers come from all walks of life and deserve to be heard and appreciated.

Stick around, read about great authors, trending literary news, and learn a thing or two that can contribute to making you a better writer!

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I resolved at the beginning of this year; I would dedicate more time to reading than I had done in the past couple of years. I am a writer, but I was first a reader. It's my first love. So, I went back. It has been a task ensuring ample reading time each day - out of habit. However, it's been successful.

My latest read, Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon, was essentially small, with a kick or two. The book chronicled arguably ten vital tips in empowering your creativity. I am inclined to believe if you are a creative who has been actively creating and aiming to improve yourself, you may have unconsciously been practicing at least five and may have heard from somewhere the other four. The final one, my favorite - be selfish, was a given. Considering the nature of the book, I will refrain from disclosing the other nine. Overall, it's a cool reference to revisit from time to time.


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