3 Lessons You Can Learn from Cardi B to Elevate Your Writing Game

The arts are all connected. Here are three lessons I've learned from Cardi B that has elevated me as a writer, and I guarantee it will do the same for you.

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A few years ago, Jay Z stole my heart.

Yes, that Jay Z. He stole my heart.

I know you were expecting to learn the secrets of Cardi B's success and how it can translate to yours. Stick with me. I'm going to bring this thing full circle in just a second.

Back to Jay Z. A few years ago, Jay Z dropped a song called Picasso Baby. It was hot. If you have seen the video-, undeniably hot. As well, if you have seen it, you would understand precisely when I tell you that badass rapper Cardi B is the key to your success.

Stay with me.

Picasso baby is a song filled with catchy lyrics that perfectly rode a sassy beat. The video embodied every type of artist you could imagine. There were sculptors, ballerinas, rappers, actors, and painters. It was an artistic buzz, and the energy was evident merely watching the video itself.

It proved a very point that has been evident yet seemingly forgotten. The arts are all connected.

What is that exactly?

It's a check against my thoughts and my current position. Writing can be challenging, but if it's a passion, it is rewarding.

Since coming on the scene, Cardi B has shown us her passion for a way with words and entertaining. She has dropped hit after hit and gained a massive following to boot.

Still can't quite see where I'm going?

I will tell you. Here are three lessons I've learned from Cardi B that has elevated me as a writer, and I guarantee it will do the same for you.

Believe in Your talents.

Ok, so maybe you aren't a die-hard Cardi B fan. So, I will expand more. It's one thing to believe in yourself. There is a clip from Love & Hip Hop New York when Cardi B was a cast member, more like a few, where she speaks faithfully about her future success. Bottom line - you know your dopeness, your writing, and storytelling capabilities firsthand.

Don't play humble when being a fan to yourself. Yes, always carry humility, but also, yes, believe in your talents. You are diligent in honing your crat. The knowledge gained from the workshops and critiques sessions, the tactics gained from habitually writing, and sharpening your experience aren't minor. It's quite major.

Believe in yourself and watch the rest of the world start to believe too.

Write Unapologetically.

I demand you write unapologetically. As a writer, your writing voice is your super talent. You are a superhero! I have never listened to a Cardi B song and not felt powerful one way or another. She believes in her lyrics the way you should believe in your words. The power of your written works is vested in you.

Give your reader a real show and a reason to keep your books as the topic of conversations when the question, "Who's book are we choosing for the next book club read?" arises. I am a writer but a reader first. I have read tons of books. I don't classify books in a necessarily 'good or bad' pile. However, there has been a book or two that hasn't grabbed my attention, and I may not have finished.

If I had to be more specific, they were works that the author held back in. I don't know about you, but speaking for myself and your reader, we read to be overtaken by the story. The point of reading a good book is to get lost between the pages.

Give your readers captivating words guaranteed to lock them within the pages.

Be True to yourself.

You are who you are. Period. That's the beauty of being you. As a writer, that fact should serve as an extension in your work. I admire Cardi B as an artist because she has shown us what we can only perceive to be Cardi in raw form since coming on the scene.

Remember this when building your writing platform and engaging with your readers. Be you, and they will love you. The worst thing is to create a facade as to who you think the audience wants you to be. By doing so, you will only hurt yourself. You will ultimately attract a false readership, rendering your book marketing efforts void. It will also become a continuous process of creating and building onto the facade.

Imagine had you started from the gate as your true self, your proper readership would appropriately reward all of your time and efforts.

You are a writer. You serve a mighty purpose to the world; don't sell your talents short. In the spirit of the arts, Believe in your talents, write apologetically, and always showcase your true self. the world will reward you for it.

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