3 Obstacles EVERY New Writer Faces and How To Overcome Them!

Every writer, regardless of how seasoned they may be now was once a spanking brand new writer.

Every writer, regardless of how seasoned they may be now, was once a spanking brand new writer. Their name was one that rang absolutely no bells, and their audience had no clue they existed. However, one thing that stood true at day one, and today, they knew that they had a story to tell, and it was a good one.

So, that's what they did.

Still, there lies the fact that obstacles still reared their ugly head to cause them trouble.

Here are the top three obstacles that new authors face and how they can be solved:

Lack of Confidence *Insert rapper Soulja Boy's screaming gif here* LACK OF CONFIDEENCCEE?? Let's go back a second. Do you know that as a writer, you essentially create a world and control every single factor of it? You can create life, and take life, make joy, and obstacles, something like a literary voodoo priestess.

I tease!

But seriously, if you are writing a memoir or self-help book even, you stood up and became a beacon of light for someone that may have lost their way or someone who may be restless in darkness. With that being said, a lack of confidence is not allowed to be an obstacle or concern.

Lack of Ideas I'm quite confident in saying there is no such thing as an original story, even if it is your personal story.

Don't believe me? Let's play a game of guess the book.

A tale of a young child experiencing the horrors of a concentration camp during the dreadful years of The Holocaust.

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Did you guess The Diary of A Young Girl by Anne Frank? Probably, but unfortunately, you're wrong. I was referring to Night by Elise Wiesel.

However, did Anne Frank not experience such horrors? Yes, she did.

Was there a book that chronicled her tragic tales? Yep!

Now, do you get my point? I hope.

Just in case, here's one more: A story of a young girl encountering harrowing realities of the world and ultimately traveling down the rabbit hole.

Did you guess Alice and Wonderland? God, I hope not!

It was The Coldest Winter Ever by Sista Soulja, and just as well could have been Flyy Girl by Omar Tyree.

Here is the crucial thing to remember – while the storylines can be virtually the same, the stories are lightyears different.

We all may have a similar story to tell, fact or fiction, no one can tell the story the way you can.

So throw off the belief that you must have an original idea. It's quite impossible. What you can have, however, is a signature style of telling a story in a way no one else can.

Writer's Block Let's be clear, writer's block is a bad mother – Hush your mouth!

However, it is not a horrible boogey man. It is the equivalent of a watchdog with no teeth.

Let's view it this way. You are a writer, right? Right. So write. That's it, nothing more nothing less.

Writer's block shows up and makes you think that it can be a force. It may trip you up once, make you stumble again, but by the third time, you should be meeting it with a solution. The solution depends on you. Some people simply "write crap" until the juices start flowing again. Others disconnect entirely from writing for a mental break. Then there's the tried and true mood shifter and energy conducter – music. Turn on your favorite tunes, drop it low, pick it back up, throw it in a circle if you want! Just remember to put it back in a chair and continue what you started - writing.

So, throw the cautions to the wayside and hop to it. When you are ready to show the world who you are, remember that we've saved space for you here.