5 Little Known Ways to Promote Your Book

You wrote a book, and that is a big darn deal! In fact, it's a major achievement, and you should make it your mission to tell the world.

No- I did not say tell your family and neighbors only, but the world. Yes- the world is huge. I understand you are only one individual. Who cares? Because here's the thing- it is still very possible.

They say at least 4500 books are published daily, so please believe, there is a bibliophile somewhere running in circles not knowing where to start to feed their reading addiction.

Help them start with you. Writing the book was possibly the easiest part.

Wait- did I say that right?

The number of days you churned out word after word, beat the obstacle of writer's block, and read through the final draft one last time for the 5th time before finally handing the manuscript over to your editor. Not to mention, It had been by then etched into your brain, and you could have possibly recited it at a moment's drop.

Yes, all of that was excruciating and time-consuming, but marketing and promoting your books has it beat by just a hair. Why? Because you may feel after writing, you can finally breathe a second. The reality is when you should wish for that second wind. Here is where the marathon begins!

However, do not be discouraged. That book is amazing. You have got to make sure the world has the opportunity to experience it.

They can, and they will. Here are a few ways to push your work in front of readers beyond your address's radius.

Be a guest on a podcast

There is no secret that podcasts are on the rise! Podcasts are possibly one of the best marketing tools since sliced bread. Ok, maybe not sliced bread, but have you ever been invited for a live interview on a major radio station? Probably, but in most cases, not likely. Not saying it can't happen, but until it does, consider making your way to the airwaves with one (or a few) of the growing number of podcasters hosting authors on their platforms.

Take advantage of a guest blogging opportunity

I genuinely believe guest blogging is becoming a thing left in the past, and it should not be! For an author, guest blogging is singlehandedly the best (maybe up for debate) form of cross-collaboration. It is the written form of "Allow me to introduce you to my friend."

Give away a chapter for free

"Ain't" nothing wrong with a little sneak peek! This tactic can accomplish two things: 1. Build your email list, and 2. Share a preview of your work to a potential reader. Ideally, they will love it so much and become a paid supporter. They will also be happy they shared their email address with you because now they will be notified of your new releases!

Go Live

Inhale, exhale, and press the damn button! Take a topic from your book and chat about it. Promote the upcoming Live to your social media connections. Encourage them to join and interact with you and share the live stream with their friends.

Be your number one fan

Above all, invest in yourself, your journey, and your brand. You are the driving force behind your brand as an independent author. Research opportunities that are beneficial to your book. They may or may not require a marketing budget. There are tons of free opportunities that will help expose your works. There are also fee-related opportunities that will as well serve in promoting your works. Create a marketing plan and budget to determine what you can and are willing to invest in your marketing and promotions—finally, network with other authors. Networking is always a great idea. It goes back to the same reason as to why guest blogging is such an excellent idea – cross-promotion!

Have a few more ideas that aren't shared? Join in on the discussion and share them.