Angela Thomas Is Building An Empire Founded on Faith

Faith has definitely shaped my mission. Without faith, nothing I do would be possible.

The number of individuals you meet or even the stories you have heard about searching for your purpose is easily in the double, even triple digits. Many people enter the world fighting for a purpose that they may or may not ever discover. The Sassy Writer linked up with author and Creative entrepreneur, Angela Thomas. She invites us into her sacred space, sharing not only her accomplishments but also how her faith laid the foundation in her works, making way for her to create opportunities for other brown skin authors.

TSW: We are going to touch base with the Sisterhood of Traveling Prayer. However, first, tell me about the African American Author Literacy Awareness Campaign. What exactly inspired the mission of AAALAC?

AT: The African American Author Literacy Awareness Campaign was inspired by the youth program I use to co-run. The lack of presence of Brown Skinned author's books in stores and inside libraries for our youth played a major role in me seeking to find a solution.

TSW: Being an author of color myself, you can imagine how dearly this feels to my heart. With that, I want to say thank you for creating, exalting, and promoting authors who look like me. Your works are deeply rooted in a message of faith, and I want to ask, how has your faith shaped your mission?

AT: Faith has definitely shaped my mission. Without faith, nothing I do would be possible. Personally, If faith had not had a major impact on my life, I wouldn't be having this interview with you today. As people, we have to realize we have the power to help our destiny manifest in our lives. Word of God in Jeremiah 29:11, I know the plan I have for you, to prosper you, be in good health, and have hope and a future.

TSW: it's funny that you reference that scripture. It is one of my favorites. The road to your dreams can be trying and scary, not to mention confusing when you notice or believe the plans that you have set forth for yourself may or may not align with the more substantial plans, which God has ordered for your life. Now, Sisterhood of Traveling Prayer caters to those who do not necessarily classify as religious or church-going, why was it necessary to do so?

AT: Many people are not going to churches, practicing traditional religion, or even picking up a bible(Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth). I want people to be able to see the Word of God in a very down to earth everyday way of applying Word to your life. We all have a story, and we all have a purpose. People need to know that no matter where they are in life, the Lord loves them, and he has sent his son Jesus to help us. So I use books to share my friends and my journey on how the Word has helped us in every walk and ways of life.

TSW: I love it! From speaking to you, I feel the passion that you hold about what you write. I'm wondering, considering, do you or have you ever experienced writer's block?

AT: When I experience writer's block, I have to step away and go back later. I can only remember one time, and that was when I was writing on a subject I wasn't really into. I enjoy sharing the Word of God and my testimony, so now it's rare for me to get stuck. Writer's block happens to the best of us when we are not focused.

TSW: You may have just revealed a hidden secret that all writers have been looking to unveil. While I understand that your faith is the foundation of your works, where do you draw your inspiration?

AT: I draw my inspiration for the desire to leave a legacy for my family and help others do the same. We all have a story, and I wake up every day to help someone share their story, hoping that someone else will be helped. We are all in these together, and we have to learn how to pull each other up.

TSW: So profoundly put. Now, this may be a no-brainer, but we'll ask anyway. What scripture, if any, have you built your vision upon?

AT: Jeremiah 29:11

TSW: Ha! Just like we imagined. In addition to being a writer, you are also the creator of the magazine, Aspiring Authors magazine. How does it serve new and veteran writers?

AT: All of our services are open to new & veteran authors. We could all use genuine support from time to time. I love to network, partner, and collaborate with others. We use the magazine to bring awareness to brown authors, and things affect our communities. It allows all authors/poets to expand their reach by being exposed to various platforms by connecting with the magazine.

TSW: The opportunity to get in front of a new audience is hands down one of the most amazing opportunities any author, new or veteran can appreciate. In addition to The Aspiring Authors Magazine, there is more in which you are doing. Tell us about your Virtual Book Tour.

AT: We are currently revamping our Chasing Your Dream Virtual Book Tour to serve our authors & poets better. We have 14 amazing authors that will be taking over my platform for 24 hours to promote and highlight their brand. We started hosting virtual books in 2017 to provide a platform for those that couldn't attend our Live book tour & literary Expo.

TSW: Angela, we love what you are doing and the waves you are making by creating platforms to highlight authors. We could easily chat for hours! However, we have to bring our chat to a close. But, before you head out, Rapid Fire round questions!

TSW: Sunrises or Sunsets?

AT: I like sunrises. I'm an early bird.

TSW: coffee or tea?

AT: I love both. I'm really torn.

TSW: Mediterranean Cruise or Island Getaway?

AT: Island Getaway tired of cruises.

TSW: How can people connect with you?

AT: 803-757-6090

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