Author Cynthia Marshall Encourages Women To Embrace Their Journey and Be Victorious

The goal is to help encourage women to let them know that there is still hope and a reason to move forward in life.

The best part of The Sassy Writer is, as you may have guessed, the writers! In fact, writers literally make the wheels turn here. Today, it's no different; we are chatting with multi-genre author Cynthia Marshall. Marshall has penned three books, one nonfiction, and the other two are children's books. The driving force behind her stories are her stories exactly, and they embody the passions of truth, bravery, victory, and love, especially the sweet tales of her children's book series.

So, who is Cynthia Marshall exactly?

TSW: Cynthia, who's better to give your introduction than you? However, let's do it a little differently. Something more exciting than the typical rundown of accolades. Let's connect with you, TSW, and your audience. Immerse us in a mental picture of a day in the life of Author Cynthia Marshall, except we are talking 5 years from today.

CM: Let's see 5 years from today. Well, I definitely see myself publishing a few more books. I want to take my children's books to the next level by making it a brand for kids. I also see myself working on my nonprofit I am starting to help women of domestic violence and children affected by it. I am planning to be a full-time entrepreneur and working on establishing more 5 years from today.

TSW: Even the most massive tree started from just a seed. Hearing you speak of your future with such power and conviction mandates, I ask you to rewind just a second. Cynthia, tell me about your beginnings. You are on a journey that is not only inspirational but started perhaps a time ago? Your writing journey - where exactly did it start?

CM: My journey as a writer started at a young age. I always enjoyed writing short stories and using my imagination. I always kept a journal, and I found myself writing every day. It became therapeutic for me if I was stressed or in deep thought, I would just start writing.

TSW: I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your imagination alive, fresh, and active. Just to piggyback off what you said, it's therapeutic and can lift you from the deepest of depths. At the beginning of our chat, you mentioned that you advocate for women and children affected by domestic abuse. Not only are you an advocate, but a survivor as well! In fact, I understand it was partly through your writings where you found strength and reached a turning point in life, resulting in a beacon of light and hope - your book, Don't Be Afraid Of Your Journey. That's a very bold statement and challenge. Tell us a bit about that.

CM: I wrote Don't Be Afraid of Your Journey based on my domestic violence victim experience. God has really brought me through a lot and a long way. I wanted to share some of my testimony and deep thoughts about what I went through. Now I am a survivor with a testimony.

TSW: How are you using your story/voice to inspire others who may be experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse.

CM: Part of my story/voice is to inspire others who are domestic violence victims. The feeling of losing everything or taking a chance with your life is something I faced. I lost everything with little money to start over, 6 months pregnant, and a 4-year-old. Not knowing where anything or my help was coming from. Constantly looking over my shoulder and living in hiding was my lifestyle for years. I'm telling you, ladies, put your faith in God. When all hope, ability, strength, and stability are gone, there is nothing he can't replace. When you can't see hope, he can see what's ahead for you. You just have to trust him. When you have no one to talk to, feel your pain mentally, and physically give it all to God. Give it to him. After he brings you out 10 times better than where you were before, he will use your situation and you to help someone else. Yes, I used all the resources, but the only resource that had the final say for my children and me was God. Author Cynthia Marshall (survivor), so remember. DONT BE AFRAID OF YOUR JOURNEY.

TSW: Yes, yes! I love your bravery and strength and encourage you to continue to be that beacon for those who need it, as well as educating those who can help others as well. You as well branched out as far as incorporating your ministry and efforts, right? Constructing and Empowering A Women's Journey inc.- how do you define the mission?

CM: The mission of Constructing & Empowering A Women's Journey Inc. Is to help women who have been abused and are in transition. The goal is to help encourage women to let them know that there is still hope and a reason to move forward in life. I have spent time volunteering my programs at domestic violence shelters and other shelters for women and realized that the encouragement from someone else that has been through it can help in so many ways. I am also focusing on donations and other ways to give back to women and children starting all over.

TSW: You are indeed a gem, and I hope your efforts are magnified. Switching gears for just a second, you as well have children's stories. I just have to ask, considering the cover of The Adventures of Princeton and Ava-Paisley: The Trip to The Dentist and A Day of Sharing has the cutest faces- How much of your stories reflect your day-to-day? Are they directly inspired or true chronicles?

CM: My stories definitely reflect my day-to-day. My children's book series is definitely true stories [about my children]. Every day with your children is an adventure. Every moment should be a captured experience.

TSW: I second that! Our little ones are literally pulsating with life and imagination in the flesh. Cynthia, this has been great, and your story is beautiful. It was great catching up with you today, and we hope to have this opportunity again pretty soon. Before we call it a day, we hope you will play a fire round with us. We'll call out this or that, and you chose the one that you prefer most. Alright - Jazz or Blues?

CM: Jazz

TSW: Theme Park or Water Park

CM: Theme Park

TSW: An excellent combination you have there- imagine a theme park bustling with a jazz swing mixture. Ahhh, drop me off in New Orleans already! Enough of me and my dream. Give everyone the more essential details. How can people connect with you?

CM: People can connect with me on Instagram follow @authorcynthiamarshall

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