Author Dynasty Nae Is Making Heads Spin With "As My World Turns!"

Prepare yourself for the ride!

I remember vividly the first time I picked up a book that reflected the essence of me, my people, and our stories. It was like a superpower was unleashed in me for the first time. I love books across many different genres, but when I say a gripping, heart-wrenching, mind-boggling, gut-punching urban novel, makes my heart palpitate, honey, I mean it.

Today we are chatting with an author speaking to the matters of my heart. I will hush up for a second and allow her to speak. Please tell the people who you are.

DN: Hello, My name is Author Dynasty Nae. I'm an Urban Writer I have been writing since the age of 9. Years later, as a young adult. I was introduced to Wattpad by a family member; I began publishing short stories on Wattpad under the profile name (Shonanae). Two years later, I was Signed to UCP Publishing Company. That's when I was blessed with the opportunity to publish my first Novel As My World Turns The Story of The Blanè Twins.

TSW: How amazing it is to see your creativity and dedication walk you into rooms that you've once only imagined. Your start was on Wattpad, which believe it or not, I am not well versed in Wattpad other than the fact that there is lots of captivating talent; obviously, that can be found there. My younger cousin was an avid reader of Wattpad, and I remember how she would be immersed for hours at a time. Your readership goes back, as well as your support. Who would you attribute as your biggest supporter?

DN: Well, I must admit I'm very blessed to have more than one supporter, I have a support team they all have helped me in different ways throughout my writing career.

TSW: Beautiful- shout out to the team, right?! I can't express enough how important having a support system is, the benefits are wondrous. About your writing career, we understand that you have a barrage of support, but in terms of self-enhancement, What is one thing you do daily related to your journey as an author?

DN: Thinking of storylines and scenes for my next project.

TSW: Ok, so let's talk a second about this. Can we admit that this is one of the most valuable and necessary parts of the creative process? I have internal back and forths about whether or not mentally planning storylines etc. are me daydreaming or brainstorming. Hey, I say as long as it produces a great storyline, we are going to go with brainstorming! Quite honestly, it is essential processing; you are building a place that may or may not have ever existed in a time that is up for debate being driven by personalities, which are fragments of people you've encountered. Speaking of which in your latest release, As My World Turns, how did you name the Blane Sisters?

DN: I just randomly picked names and allowed my mind to flow with a storyline for each character.

TSW: I like that idea, more of a freeflow concept. Was this your first published book?

DN: Yes, but have written short stories under the name Shonanae.

TSW: The feeling you must have felt when you threw off the bowlines and went for the big one! Tell me exactly, how did you feel after you published? I mean immediately after you went live - what were your feelings?

DN: I felt that I had accomplished one of my many goals, and I also set the trend in my family for others to follow.

TSW: Ok, ok! As artists, it's a constant growth amongst ourselves. Considering your life experiences, new exposures, etc. we, especially word artists, tend to surprise ourselves. Was there any point when writing where you surprised yourself creatively?

DN: Yes, ma'am, especially with this book, I never knew that I could create such a shocking outcome after all of the never-ending twists and turns of this story.

TSW: Ahh! Such are the things that get my heart. Yes! Listen, Author Dynasty Nae has created a rollercoaster with As My World Turns, ya'll. The Blane Twins are taking us on a ride of our life. Please grab your ticket now! Ok, so you cant hype us up without the followup. With that, I am not asking will there be a second release- I'm going to assume so confidently. Haha! Sooo, What's the setting of your upcoming release?

DN: Jacksonville - I randomly picked this setting for the characters of my upcoming release, "Still Broken With No Shame."

TSW: Yes! Listen, TSW is here for this, and here for you. I know we have to wrap it up, but before you head out, let's play a quickfire round- a banter of 'this or that'

TSW: Porsche or Aston Martin

DN: Porsche

TSW: Miami or Dubai

DN: Dubai

TSW: Favorite Motivational speaker?

DN: Iyanla Vanzant

TSW: First, I am rolling with you because I wanna head out in the droptop Porsche cruising the streets of Dubai to hear Inyanla talk about fixing someone's life! Haha! I love it, but seriously, your story sounds like a banger, and the people need access. How can they reach you?


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