Day 9: Oprah Will Forever Be A Creative Fixture Of The Community

Can you believe that last year O Magazine celebrated its 20th anniversary?!

I vividly remember watching the You get a *fill in the blank* show, aka Oprah show as a kid with my aunt, and hearing her rattle on about how great this woman was. Then I also remember when she stepped further into the arena of media and launched her magazine. From issue one, this brown lady was on the cover of HER magazine, issue after issue. Never was there another smiling face. It was always her.

That made me smile. I thought, wow, Oprah has created something that she treasures so much and feels is a reflection of the better creative parts of her that she wants to put the ultimate signature on it each month – a picture of herself, and that alone is enough to make it great and loved.

Last year, she, for the first time, relinquished her cover. The reasoning was phenomenal: to call awareness to America's disturbing trend - executing black and brown faces by law enforcement. Breonna Taylor was the face of her cover, and it couldn't be any better.

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