Five Books That Have Surprisingly (Or Not!) Been Adapted Into Film

So you wake up, check your smartphone, realizing that it is 10:00 am. How did you manage to sleep in so late? It's probably Saturday.

Eh, maybe – or you've overslept.

For the sake of a point, we are going to with Saturday. It's Saturday, and your schedule is wide open. What does that mean for you? Fluffy socks, or whatever is the equivalent. Something smooth to sip on and – you've guessed it – a movie!


Not exactly what we had in mind. We were going to say Book, but you may be onto something.

Books are one of the oldest mediums of information and entertainment. The oldest Book in history is up for discussion, but the purposes they serve are unquestionable. This includes inspiring some of the most notable films that you have ever watched.

While it's no secret that books inspired plenty of films, we found a couple that we have never heard before!

Here are the five that shocked us most.

Madame Doubtfire by Annie Fine

Did you know that the witty and extremely hilarious early 90's nanny role, Mrs.Doubtfire, played by Robin Williams first saw the light of day in the late 80s via YA novel, Madame Doubtfire written by Annie Fine?

Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp

While some of the names are tell-tale signs, we never would have guessed this one. This action-packed thriller, released in 1979, laid the blueprint for the first Die Hard film debuting in theatres about ten years later.

Shrek by William Steig

In case it wasn't obvious, children's tale, Shrek, inspired the animated film, Shrek!

Emma by Jane Austen

When you say "happened before it's time," you are speaking directly about Jane Austen's Emma. Who knew 90's it girl, Cher was loosely inspired by a "self-deluded heroine" of the 1800s?

Wise Guy by Nicholas Pileggi

Did the title give it away? Maybe not, but it gave you somewhat of an idea, right? Crime Reporter, Nicholas Pileggi penned a non-fiction book about a mobster turned informant in 1985. Around five years later, the story made it to the silver screen and won an Oscar.

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