How To Own Your Author's Instagram Like A Pro

Comment genuinely, and ask questions. Connect with the people. You are a writer, after all. You write for the people.

Let's be honest. Social media can be a swamp! It's time-consuming and can be quite toxic, filled with false illusions of perfection, one account to the next.

Ugh! Deactivate my account already!

But wait! Before you go, let me tell you how you can connect with social media for the win. Yes, as an author, you can. Yes, it is necessary to be on Social media, and yes, you can be good at it.

So, let's talk about strategy.

First, let's be clear. Today we are focusing on Instagram only for this post.

Instagram is the battle of the images. It does require captions, but the primary attraction is the image, and then from there, the caption follows.

Post clear, eye-catching photos.

It is imperative to post photos that capture great light and detail. Blurry images are a no-no. Whether it is an eye-catching photo of your book in the sand or a picture of you at an event concerning your book, please ensure the photo is a quality image. Quality does not necessarily equate to professional. The smartphone's camera is so advanced now that individuals have professional photo shoots completed via iPhones and Galaxy smartphones. Watch a couple of YouTube videos for reference and make it happen!

Post Relevant photos to your Writing Niche or brand.

You do not only have to post your book. If all you post are posts instructing your Instagram friends to purchase your book, you will miss the entire point of Social media.

Yes! Please let everyone know you are a writer, and that you have a published book that is available for sale. However, do so by focusing on other aspects of you and your genre as well. They would like to know that you are as intriguing as the works you write, so let them into your world a bit. Post a selfie or two—post about your favorite things. Introduce your pet, highlight some inspiration. How about a motivational quote? All of these are fantastic ways to show the full circle of you as a writer.

Don't forget to be social.

The number of Follow for Follow requests are at an all-time high. However, let's be honest, what do 10K followers on Instagram do for you if none of them engage with you?

It does nothing at all.

So, whether you have two followers or 20K followers, be social. Comment genuinely, and ask questions. Connect with the people. You are a writer, after all. You write for the people. Get out there and talk to them! Being social will grow your platform on an even playing field. You won't merely have a surplus in followers, but also in engagement, which is EXTREMELY important.

Last but certainly not least- Be consistent.

If you don't plan to finish, why even start? As stated before, social media can become overwhelming, but tools such as Preview, Hootsuite, and Planoly can help with scheduling for different platforms. Use them and grow!

Let us know your fave Instagram tips if they arent listed above.