How To Start Your Book Today...And Finish It In 30 Days!

In 2018, 4500+ books were published to Amazon's platform daily if you were not one of the 4,500 listed, no worries. The time is always right to get started!

All you have to do is start writing and not stop until the very last word of your first draft is out of you.

That sounds easier said than done. But, rest assured, it is highly possible.

Will it be easy? Probably not, but think about it. A well-written book is the ultimate goal. Seriously, writing a book in itself is quite the task.

The goal here is to get your first draft out of your head and onto paper as quickly as possible. To be more precise, we are focusing on getting the draft out your head and onto paper in 30 days.

First things first, before writing the first sentence, or even word of the story, brainstorm.

Brainstorm a few ideas and decide what precisely about what topic you would like to write. If you have not published already to any capacity (blogs included), then it is essential to figure out what interests you enough to turn it into a full book. Determine as well, how familiar you are with the topic of choice.

Have you ever seen the jokes about a writer's internet history? Only one part of it was a joke. Writing a book requires topic research, even if it's a fiction book.

Outline your story.

Seriously. From start to finish. Outlining is essential because you will be able to establish the very thing that keeps the story going - "What Happens Next." Ask any writer you know, the toil of writing straight from 'the dome.' It's all fun and games until you run head-on into writer's block. Writer's block is the largest of your problems when writing a book and even more significant when attempting to do so with such a short deadline. So, be kind to your creative mind and outline thoroughly.

Now, do the obvious - Write!

But, wait, before you put down that first word. Gather everything from the beginning, your topic research, and outline and decide your target word count. While you may ultimately deter from this depending upon your writing content, it is necessary to start with a ballpark word count in mind.


If you are writing with the intent to complete the first draft in the 30 days or less mark, you MUST write daily. Take your target word count and divide it by 30 days to get your daily target word count to achieve your ultimate goal.

Happy Writing!