JK Rowling Wants Your Help in Illustrating the Ickabog!

JK Rowling has made quite an exciting announcement.

If you aren't a frequent visitor of the Twitterverse, please allow us to update you on one very important happening - J.K. Rowling has released something new!

Yesterday she announced that she had "an announcement." Every Harry Potter loving millennium and beyond immediately stood at attention. We needed to know now, "J, do you have something new for us?"

Welp, Not quite!

She followed it with, "IT IS NOT A HARRY POTTER SPIN-OFF."

BUT- she does have something for the kids. She revealed that a story, The Ickabog, that she had written as just a "family thing" has been revisited and has at this point made it's way to the light of the press, kinda.

While the story is being shared freely via a self-titled blog, she explains that November of this year will be its actual press run for release.

The extremely cool part is She is interested in having children illustrations as a part of the book. She is donating the royalties towards the efforts of different projects and organizations impacted by Covid-19.

Ready, set, go- let's read The Ickabog!