Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Number One Rule To 'Strong Writing'.

Humans are multilayered, and that's the beauty of us.

People are interesting - for more reasons than one; however, we are speaking in an overall essence in this particular instance. You can take one person and ask multiple people about the individual's character or the most unforgettable memory they have directly of the individual and receive various answers.

How is that so?

Easy - humans are multilayered, and that's the beauty of us.

The late Ruth Bader Ginsburg was no different. If you search her name, you will most certainly come across numerous hits in less than a millisecond, including opinion pieces, possibly first-hand accounts or news reports chronicling her life, all in the capacity of specific times in her long life.

However, it was one that I came across that struck me as quite an impressive read. It was a recollection of a powerful lesson she taught a former law clerk about strong writing.

"Never use four words when three will do."

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Photo Credit: Washington Post