Ms. Frizzle Set For One Final Wild Expedition

The literary world has lost a real one.

The fieldtrip to the planetarium is foiled when the museum turns out to be closed, but Ms. Frizzle saves the day. Image Scholastic

Earlier this month, The literary world lost a real one.

It has been reported that July 12, 2020, Joanna Cole, author, and creator of eccentric grade school teacher, Ms. Frizzle, died. She leaves behind a legacy that has influenced generations and shaped the imagination of young ones, many now are adults, for years to come.

It was Ms. Frizzle, where I first learned that the building block of matter is an atom. It was also Ms. Frizzle who took me on a field trip into Arnold’s stomach!

That one was an insider. Get it? insider!

Ahem, excuse me, perhaps I was channeling just a bit too much Ralphie with that one.

It was also Ms. Frizzle that made me appreciate one of my grade school teachers. She was my real-life Ms. Frizzle, whacky field trips, cute bus, and arrival to class each week came with no idea as to what happens next.

Rebecca Onion, the Slate writer, explains how Ms. Frizzle didn’t only make Science class fun but also “made the world safe for weird teachers.”

Cole’s creation was partnered with illustrator Bruce Dregen to be one of Scholastic’s most popular book series, reportedly selling more than 10 million.

The final tale of Ms. Frizzle’s wild expeditions, The Magic School Bus Explores Human Evolution, will be released posthumously.

What were your favorite Ms.

Frizzle moments?

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