Noyek Is Who You Need To Know In These Literary Streets!

Author and Creator of The Sassy Writer brand, Noyek, was quoted saying this in a previous magazine interview, and the story still holds today. Hopping onto the Indie author scene about eight years ago with a collection of erotic tales and determination, she hasn't put the pen down. We caught up with her for a second or two to find out what's good, what's new, and what we should expect to see heading into this literary summer!

TSW: Noyek, so tell us about the first collection of stories. Its erotica. Was it just something of interest, or was there some inspiration?

Noyek: Inspiration? Ha! Wouldn't you and everyone else that read it like to know? Honestly, it was the equivalent of "what you put in comes out."

TSW: Wait! What do you mean by 'what you put in'? Are you trying to give us an exclusive!

Noyek: For the record, you all will always have all the exclusives with me. But, no, I mean, that's all I read, erotica. I often say that Zane is my favorite. I've been reading urban lit wayyy before I ever attempted to write them. And when I started to take writing to that level, I knew erotica was where I wanted to start.

TSW: Hmm... that's interesting, but your most recent release, Dear Infatuated, it's not erotica.

Noyek: Nope, still urban, but I needed a little more intensity, drama, and storylines. I mean, don't get me wrong, erotic scenes still have a place in there.

TSW: Ok, what can we expect soon?

Noyek: A couple of things. I am working on a story that has been working me out for the last couple of summers, believe it or not. I have completed several creative projects in between, but this particular manuscript has proved to be one exciting rollercoaster. But, it's coming, and stick around, because trust me, it is worth it!

TSW: We do believe that, and are looking forward to that exclusive!

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