Patrice Rivers is the Author and Brand You Have To Meet!

I know how it was when I first published my book in 2012, and I didn't have the tools or resources, so I want to give back to the writing community by giving advice and resources the best way I know how.

Who is Patrice Rivers? That's the million-dollar question! She is a woman of 'many hats.' The Sassy Writer sat down with the author and EIC of Versafi Magazine. She is talking inspiration, owning her testimony and the one celebrity, dead or alive that she would love to interview.

Here's a hint: They are very much alive!

TSW: First, let's start with the fact that we have been watching your journey now for about a year, and are a huge fan! Soooo, thank you for being a part of The Sassy Writer! What I do know is that your journey spans much farther than we have seen your work, so in your words, when did you know you were a writer?

PR: I was gifted to be a writer at the age of nine, where my writing journey began. At the age of 15, I started writing poetry and has been writing poems ever since.

TSW: That's amazing, especially being so young, and forming an interest in what a lot of people could see as a tedious interest. Can we stretch your memory a little bit? What is the most memorable short story you wrote during youth?

PR: Omg! Lol. I started writing little short stories when I was nine, and to be honest, I can't even remember the title or what they were about.

TSW: Haha! No worries! It was worth a try. So, you already know that we have been watching your growth, and your journey is quite impressive. I understand that you are moving and shaking in the literary world, but as well as nurturing yourself on another journey- Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). At what age did you learn that you had SCD?

PR: I learned that I was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease at the age of one. My parents didn't know back then that they actually carried the Sickle Cell Trait genes. In the 80's they didn't have screening tests back then, so it was difficult to see if people were diagnosed with the actual disease.

TSW: Incredibly, such advances have been made in such a short period with detecting certain illnesses. We laud people like yourself who call attention as well to bring awareness. Your children's book, Patricia's Guardian Angel, follows the main character, Patricia, and her diagnosis. How much of your journey with SCD inspired the dialogue of Patricia's Guardian Angel?

PR: My whole journey living with SCD inspired me to write Patricia's Guardian Angel because I wanted to share my testimony and my story. SCD is one of those diseases that isn't talked about enough in communities and isn't advocated enough. My goal is to educate and advocate for those who aren't aware of what SCD really is and who it affects. People are dying everyday living with this disease. This book is also a part of a series, so I am very excited to create new books involving Patricia's character.

TSW: Yes! Ok, folks looking for a heartfelt story to read to your little one, Patricia's Guardian Angel series. The first one is already available. So, I know you have other works, poetry, and motivation. What's your source of motivation which inspired your books of encouragement?

PR: My source of motivation comes from my trials and tribulations that I have gone through over the years as well as life situations that people can relate to.

TSW: Life has a way of teaching you daily, and as a result, your motivation tank needs to be continuously replenished. Reading books like your books of encouragement, and sometimes having a person in your corner to share your thoughts and receive a word from is a necessity. Who is one person that understands you most, and how has that bond influenced you as a writer?

PR: My parents will always be the only people that could ever understand my passion and gift as a writer because I have always been sharing my story ideas and books with them for so long. They have always supported me since I discovered my gift to write, and I am grateful and thankful to have them in my life to be my cheerleaders and to push me to be successful. They want nothing but the best for me in life.

TSW: Yes, yes! They are indeed one of a kind. Love on them! So, Patrice, we know you aren't just an author, but you wear many hats! A lot of your works not only highlight your author's journey but as well, helps spotlight others on their author's path. Tell us more. How are you inspiring and paving the way for other authors?

PR: I am inspiring authors by giving them advice on how to publish their books or how they can market and promote their work. I have a magazine called Versafi Magazine that creates opportunities for new and seasoned authors to get their work out there. I know how it was when I first published my book in 2012, and I didn't have the tools or resources, so I want to give back to the writing community by giving advice and resources the best way I know how.

TSW: Versafi Magazine! Bookmark that name! Ok, fun question - If you could interview anyone, dead or alive, as your cover story, who would it be? What significant question would you ask them?

PR: Lol. I love this question because ever since I started interviewing influencers and celebrities, I have always wanted to interview Michael B. Jordan. He is very handsome, a great actor and intelligent. One important question I would ask him is, "When are you planning to settle down and have kids?" Lol. I can see him right now, laughing.

TSW: Listen - Can we get an invite to the interview? TSW doesn't even have to speak; we just want to be present! Haha! It's always amazing to have the opportunity to link with someone as inspiring as yourself. We are going to wrap it up, but before you head out -Fire Round!

Cookies or cake?

PR: Chocolate chip cookies!

TSW: Water ride or roller coaster?

PR: I love a thrill, so roller coasters.

TSW: Movies or music?

PR: Geesh! I love both! I will have to choose movies. I stay watching Netflix and watching new movies.

TSW: Netflix will get you every time! How can people connect with you?

PR: I'm very active on social media, so they can definitely reach me there. My Instagram handles are @thatriverzgurlbrand and @versafimag

Twitter @theriverzreport

Facebook: Married to Journalism, That Riverz Gurl and Author P. Fierce

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