Sabio DEUX: Sophia Dias Dishes Gourmet Recipes Of Purpose

TSW: What do you wish a total stranger to understand after encountering your service?

SD: I am a creative genius, courageous, disciplined, and generous to a fault.

TSW: How would the person closest to you describe your mission?

SD:"[Her] mission is to inspire everyone."

Those questions, among others, were some that we posed to Sophia Dias. However, the responses received for these were significantly captivating.

Courageous. Disciplined. Generous to Fault, the make up of the best qualities for a recipe of success. Dias, author, and gourmet chef, stopped by The Sassy Writer earlier this year announcing her debut release, gourmet cookbook Sabio. She has returned with another release, Sabio DEUX. Dias refers to her latest creation as a love story, mentioning that it embodies many of her favorite winter collections, including hearty soups, herb hearty and healthy omelets, and herb-infused fish creations.

"It is my intention for Sabio DEUX to find a place in homes across the globe, she says. "I am sharing my energy, my love for food, and people.

Sabio, meaning wisdom, is an ode to the mountainous amounts of knowledge she's gained in her travels. Dias' travel logs are as extensive as her gourmet dishes. It prompts one to question how she might find the time in her schedule.

"Discipline, she insists, meditation, and prayer." Those are the keys to balancing her vast travels. Dias explains that she cherishes and treasures her travel adventures as unforgettable memories of her heart. She has even found a way to loop her friends and love ones into her expeditions through Sophia's Supper Club, which serves as the most incredible connector. It keeps the foundational relationships, dating as far back as ten years old, alive. It also helps nurture the many new friends she has met across the globe in Somalia, Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Gambia.

"I have friends everywhere that I travel for business. Sophia's Supper Club would have my travel schedule so that way colleagues and friends can book my time & enjoy a tete-a-tete with me."

Dias enjoys her travels and crafting gourmet dishes, often using her friends for taste testers. However, it is her love for cooking and creating to serve others that drive her most. She is highly active in feeding those who are experiencing a lack of food.

"Serving my God," she says when asked what motivated her to get involved in her very first food drive. "I began volunteering in food drives [early, as a teenager].

Currently, she often spends time serving in Tent City, located in Chicago.

"Tent City and its residents are very special people. I have interacted with many residents there. The location is by the highway. Thousands drive by there. It is very easy for the authorities to give them housing; we have the resources," she says. "They are human beings who are in a temporary situation. We need to protect them."

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Food Insecurity has been on a rapid incline since being reported to have affected 14.3 million households in 2018. According to Feeding America's website, an expected 50 million households are expected to be adversely affected. The steep incline is in large part to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. If you or someone you know is experiencing food insecurity, please visit for your local food bank. If you wish to donate, click here.