Tabitha Womack Is a Woman of Strength and Author Filled With Inspiration

It's a dark world out there. Candy coating it won't help. But having God in the center of your troubles is the way to operate.

I am always fascinated by authors who can write across genres and maintain engagement with their readers even if there is no particular overlap in the styles. Tabitha Womack is not new to captivating readers. Six-time author and mother, Womack has a story of triumph. She has a story of strength and faith. The Sassy Writer had the excellent opportunity to catch up with her and chat about family influence, character development, and exactly what she would need if she were trapped in one of her books!

TSW: You told me that your book series, Storm of Emotions, spanned a 17-year completion. During this time, I understand that your character development benefited greatly. What significant growth did you see in the character?

TW: I just kept adding layers to each one. I developed more writing skills by reading many books over that time period.

TSW: Ok! That makes perfect sense. Not to mention strengthening your writing skill is imperative to crafting a captivating story. So, Storm of Emotions takes place in 1818. Period fictions are always so intriguing; how did you set your stage? What was your primary source to establish your story?

TW: I wanted to write, and I wanted to learn more about my heritage and my husband's. The year 1818 was the most likely time they could interact from such different places.

TSW: Oh, I love how something so personal played such a large part in your creativity. Now we've seen your book trailer, and it is incredible. I understand your son edited it! The creative gene inevitably runs in the family. Did any of your kids help develop the storylines of any of your works?

TW: No. They influence everything I do, though. My experience with teenagers helps develop dialog for sure.

TSW: Listen, I agree, my family is walking creative muses in my home, whether its dialogue, facial expressions, or personality traits! You have a few books in your catalog, and going back to writing across genres, you seem to have executed that flawless. In Science Meets God, your YA fiction series, it takes place in 2063, what inspired a story of the future?

TW: My Daddy was a huge sci-fi fan. He also wrote a lot of short stories and the Bud-Light commercials. You know, "Give me a light" ( Darth Vader comes out swinging his red lightsaber ) "No, no. A Bud Light". Also, coming up, we read comic books and watched shows like star trek and V.

TSW: Wow! That is so cool! Haha! So one thing I understand from Science Meets God is that there are a series of characters, and they are all different. What is one unlikely bond which forms (without giving away too much) among the 'motley crew'?

TW: I couldn't tell you much without spoiling it. But I can say that they are all rebels in a high- tech society where militarized police and corruption reign supreme.

TSW: Ok, you can't blame us for trying, right? Hmm, but their fight sounds to be one most definitely worth setting aside the differences. I love it! You mentioned James Patterson as one of your fave authors. His catalog is quite impressive, and some of his books have been adapted into tv and film. What is your favorite James Patterson book, and do you fancy any of the film adaptations of his work?

TW: I don't know if I've seen any movies based on his books. But I borrowed the Maximum Ride series for my kids from the library when they were small.

TSW: Ok, we've tried to get some spoilers to no avail, but perhaps how about an Introduction to the main character of your favorite romance book (your works).

TW: I don't want to elaborate further than I have in the synopsis because it will spoil it. But I can tell you, Kerah is no simpering damsel in distress.

TSW: Haha! Understood. Folks, check out Storm of Emotions, and see how Kerah held her own in 1818! Seeing that your YA series is different from your romance books, what would you like to happen with Science meet God that directly benefits to developing teens?

TW: I never saw any christ-based sci-fi or fantasy in the things my kids were into. Nothing to develop their character morally. I wanted to make a storyline dark enough to hold teens' interests, but have situations that cause them to think about tough issues. In the origin story, there is mostly the foundation of the storyline and not much else. But the background of one of the characters is a horrible truth that many kids face, unfortunately. It's a dark world out there. Candy coating it won't help. But having God in the center of your troubles is the way to operate. So we bend but not break. Think of it as sneaking vegetables in with cheese. The story is exciting and kick ass with some scripture and morals snuck in.

TSW: Wow, your works are definitely the literary pieces we need in our library to serve as balance and a reminder. Now, before we wrap it up, let's have a last bout of fun with a TSW Fire Round of Questions: Vampire or witch?

TW: Vampire

TSW: You are trapped in your novel, Storm of Emotions: River of Red, with only two things in your possession. What are they?

TW: Exactly what Kerah had. Lol, No spoilers.

TSW: Dusk or Dawn?

TW: Dawn

TSW: How can the people connect with you?

TW: Through my Facebook blog or Goodreads.